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1.If the whole packet is damaged obviously when delivered to you,please refuse to accept it and submit complaint to the carrier.
Please let us know about this at the same time.We will contact the carrier from our side also.
We will try our best to make things better according to the situation.

2.If the whole packet is lost or if you can’t get the packet in a reasonable time,please contact us.
If we can make sure that the packet is lost indeed or you can provide an evidence,we will ship the same new products to you asap.
But we will keep the right of recourse. If we find the “lost” packet is delivered to you in the future,we will ask you to pay to us still.

3.When you get the packets,if some of the items are damaged or lost on the way,please contact us in 3 working days and provide evidences to us.
We will ship the same products to you after we check with you.If you can’t contact us in 3 working days after receiving the package,we will not answer for that.

4.The above unfortunate things will happen hardly.Please don’t worry about that too much.

5.For above situation,we will assume all expenses as long as you contact us in the limited time.