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AutoDoctor007 AUT600 OBDII Auto Scanner for all OBD2 EOBD Vehicles

  • 1. Colorful LCD suggests that the color is gorgeous, the layer is strong
  • 2. The humanized key operates a design, convenience fast
  • 3. LED the diagnosis status indicate and quickly keep a view
  • 4. Screen: 2.8'' TFT 262K true color, 320*240 Pixels LCD display
  • 5. Input voltage range: 8~32V
  • 6. Operating current: < 100mA@12V(Typical)
  • 7. Power consumption: < 1.2W(Typical)
  • 8. Link connection: Standard OBD 16-pin DLC
  • 9. Working temperature: 0 -50(degree centigrade)
  • 10. The storage environment temperature: -20 -70(degree centigrade) RH Seven percent
  • 11. Size: L*W*H=121*82*26mm
  • 12. Lifting weight: < 510g
  • Support Languages
  • Packing List

AutoDoctor007 AUT600 OBDII Auto Scanner

This Autodoctor007 AUT600 OBD2 / EOBD auto scanner is a great vehicle fault diagnosis tool, especially for the DIY users and the servicemen of small service workshop.This product applies the true color LCD display and personalized function menu.
It can diagnose the OBD & EOBD vehicles in full functions with multi-language selection and LED diagnostic status indicators, which improves the user-friendliness.
At the same time, the adoption of a whole new operation system makes the run faster and help the user diagnose the vehicle higher efficient.

It allows users to check their car anywhere, be safe travel, peace of mind and save time. With the product, small problems can be solved:

  • A. For example: when the sensor fails, you can replace the parts yourself, save a lot of 4S shop maintenance costs.
  • B. When the vehicle faulty code is appeared, you can clear them at first and then change to limp mode to drive to the repair shop, so as not to drop anchor.
  • C. Product data flow display function, make your car run on indicators and do an assessment to determine the car’s health.

Product Functions:

  • 1. Read dynamic data stream
  • 2. Malfunction indicator light
  • 3. Readiness status test
  • 4. Search freeze frame data
  • 5. Read current DTCs
  • 6. Clear DTCs
  • 7. O2 sensor detection test
  • 8. Specified monitoring system on-board monitor test
  • 9. Evap system monitoring
  • 10. Read pending DTCs
  • 11. Read on-board systems or components control
  • 12. Read vehicle information
  • 13. Read permanent DTCs
  • 14. DTCs search
  • 15. Tested data playback
  • 16. Can read vehicle information ,such as VIN,CVN,CID.
  • 17. Support usb2.0 software upgrades
  • ……


Protocol List:

In communication with vehicle ECU, this tool supports the following protocols:

PWM VPW KWP2000 ISO15765-4 CAN(eleven bits)
ISO15765-4 CAN(twenty-nine bits) ISO14230-4 KWP(10416) ISO14230-4 KWP(5BPS) ISO9141-2

Vehicle Coverage:

As a general guideline, your passenger car is most likely to be OBDII compliant if it was manufactured or registered after:

USA: 1996 Europe: 2001 (gasoline) or 2004 (diesel) Argentina: 2008 Australia: 2006(gas), 2007(diesel)
Brazil: 2007 (gas) Canada: 1998 China: 2009 (gas), 2011 (diesel) Chile: 2014 (gas), 2013 (diesel)
Hong Kong: 2007 Israel: 2003 India: 2010 Mexico: 2006
Morocco: 2011 New Zealand: 2006 Russia: 2012 South Korea: 2007
Taiwan: 2008 Thailand: 2013 Japan: 2002  


For your vehicle to be OBD II compliant it must have a 16-pin DLC (Data Link Connector) under
the dash and the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label must state that the vehicle is OBD II compliant.
You may check the EUC protocol information from the user’s manual of your car also.
Only a 16 pin connector can’t prove your car is OBDII compliant.

Support Languages

This AutoDoctor007 AUT600 Auto Scanner support for the following Languages:


Packing List

  1. Main Unit
  2. USB Cable for Update
  3. CD with Software and PDF Manual
  4. Colorful Paper Box
  5. Nylon Bag